Mercedes-Benz Atego 2013-2024 [III]


ACM Exhaust aftertreatment 0008800
CPC Drive control 00010100
MCM Engine Control MCM02T 4cyl0101790
MCM Engine Control MCM02T 6cyl0103790
MCM Engine Control MCM21T0103790
TCM Transmission control 00015400
TCM Transmission control 02019400


EBS Brake Control 0006700
EBS Brake Control 0104100
EBS Brake Control 0201600
CLCS Air suspension 0005400


BESO Battery breaker control unit0000
CDS Central data memory05500
CGW Central gateway 000000
COM Communication Interface 000000
EAPU Electronic air processing control unit 0001200
EAPU Electronic air processing control unit 0102000
ICUC Instrument cluster01690
MPC Continental Multi-purpose camera0600
MS Maintenance System02705
PSM Parameterable Special Module013300
RDF Front radar sensor system01000
RDF Front radar sensor system 010600
SAS Steering wheel angle sensor0300
SCA/SSAM Cab/Single signal acquisition and actuation module control unit 000135220
SCA/SSAM Cab/Single signal acquisition and actuation module control unit 010153300
SRS Supplemental restraint system control unit0000
TCC Radio0230
TCO Tachograph01000
VRDU Lane assistant system 0001320
VRDU Lane assistant system 010300


TP Telematics0000

This vehicle has control unit(s) that can be configured using TruckTester. Please note that most modern vehicles have configuration stored centrally in Body computer and configuration is copied to other ECUs using proxi alignment function.

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